I don’t want cuts to Medicare and Social Security but I do want Congressional action.

I find it hard to be jubilant about today’s headlines that point to a minuscule improvement in the long-term solvency of Medicare, and to no significant deterioration in the long-term solvency in Social Security. At my current age of 60, Medicare will be insolvent when I am 73 and Social Security when I am 80.

All Congressional action on improving the outlook for both programs has been stalled, “as members of both parties shy away from policies that would reduce benefits for the elderly, the fastest-growing segment of the population and the nation’s most reliable voters.

As someone who is part of this growing segment of the population and a reliable voter, I WANT action on these issues. Certainly not benefit cuts, but this is only one of many options. How about ensuring that millionaires and billionaires pay the same Social Security contribution rates on all wages just like everybody else or Obama’s proposal for significant cuts to the pharmaceutical industry.

When election time comes around I will not be voting for the politicians who choose to cowardly ignore or deliberately block legislation that will help ensure my future.


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